Friday, June 26, 2009

the vomiting has started again.

Last night was rough becouse one of the twins dident want to sleep in the crib, so i brought her in to my bed. DH has been sleeping on the couch to give me space to toss and turn the last month and a bit... Boy i dont know how co sleeping mammas do it! my DD is a bed HOG!

so anyways i woke up when they had to go to daycare and i wasent feeling all that good when i ws packing there bag and stuff.... So i went back to bed once the kids and hubby were out the door.

I woke up shortly after 1pm and i got sick. What a way to start the day huh?
I have been drinking the sports drinks to keep up the fluids, but i keep throwing them up. It sucks. I feel so drained and I need to take a shower, but i cant get myself off the bed. Im just exhausted.

I took one of the Zofran OTD pills, and at the price im paying (over $25 for a pill) i hope it kicks in soon.... I really dont want to go back to L&D as im just sick of my veins getting blown.

I went in last tuesday and they blew 5 veins before they got an IV working. They had to use a pedatric IV needle to get me started. And to top it off, they used 3 before they got one actualy in.....

I called my OBGYN office on wed as they said they were going to call with an appt date to put in a PICC line (big long IV that goes in my upper arm and the cathater ends just near my heart!) as i hadent heard from them. I got a call on thursday from my OBGYN... was suprised that it was actualy her calling and not the nurse.... Well i got a call an hour later from the Day Surgery and they said they were sorry for not calling sooner. I guess my OBGYN bitched them out! LOL

SO i go for day surgery on Tuesday. They are going to put the PICC line in at 10:30 am.... Should be intersting. The nurse who explaned whats going to go on told me that the worst part is the frezing of the area becouse you dont have feelings in the vein but they dont want you to feel the needle going in.... Then after they are done i have to have a chest xray done to make sure its in the right spot..... Im actual looking forward to this as it means that i wont have to have anymore pokes to get IVs started and they can use this untill after the baby is born.....

well im going to try to take another nap now....

And on some good news! One of the twins started walking yesterday! She came home from daycare and was walking back and forth between me and my FIL who dropped her off at home! It was soo cool. I have some video of it as DH had to be at work till 10pm and I dident want him to miss it.

thanks you to everyone who is reading! Please leave me a comment, i really apprecate them.


  1. I hope everything goes well on Tuesday! As difficult as it sounds, I know it will be a little bit of a blessing.