Saturday, June 13, 2009


so we went this morning and had the 3D ultasound done.

I have been looking forward to this for a few months now. I wasent sure how we would afford this, and i still dont know how we are going to fit it in our bills. BUT it was worth it. I needed the emotional boost really bad..... It was great to see the baby and to find out the gender (another little girl! YAY!) now we need to find a name.

She has big pouty lips and she gave us a yawn... The best thing she is a mix of both of us as far as we can tell. I cant wait to see her outside, YET i know its best that she stays in for 11 more weeks.

Today i had a good day. very little nausia, and im doing good. It just makes me wonder when the next day of vomiting is going to hit? I hate playing this waiting game. it just sucks. it really does.

Tomorrow we are going to go in to town and go see my litle cousin at a play at her church. They were over today as we had a BBQ for my mom's birthday.

im going to check my email and then jet to bed. thx for reading!

Mom to Twins Plus One

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