Friday, April 2, 2010

sippy cups or spilly cups? that is the question....

sippy cups or spilly cups that is the question.....
there are so many sippy cups and when your trying to get your kids off the bottle you will do just about ANYTHING to get them to take a cup.....

for the twins in our family it took us may different cups till we found one that worked for us, and worked for the girls. its like playing match up trying to find what goes with what. And the worst part is that its a prity pricey game! I have found that sippy cups can start at $5 and work your way up to a pretty penny depending on how green and how yuppie you want to go.

In our search of the perfect sippy it took us to a few different company's. We tried 2 different types from Playtex, one of them is a Straw Cup, and another one was a tumbler sippy style. The Avent magic cups, tupperwear sippy cups, and the take & toss.

The first type we tried were the Avent Magic cups. They are rated at 6 months and up. they are easy grip, dishwasher safe, can be sterilised, and say they are no spill. The thing was with this cup it was very hard for my kids to figure out how to get the liquid out. To this day my 2 year old twins still cant get any liquid out of the cup! Even trying it myself you have to really suck on it, and its a flat long peice that you have to suck out. If you have been using a bottle it is a little on the hard side to figure it out! This one was a no go in our house!

The second brand we tried was the tupperware. We had a consultant from our twins club who sold them and I thought i would give her a shout, do a show at home and try them out! So we bought the bell tumblers and then the sippy lids.I believe you have to buy them desperately. Don't quote me on that. These cups are great. I do find however that they drip. They are very easy for the kids to use as they don't have to have a large amount of suction for the kids to get liquid out of. The bad part about these cups is that if your kid leave it tilted over they do drip out liquid. And they can drip out quite a bit. BUT they work great for the bath as bath cups! my girls have 2 cups in the bath tub they play with.

The third type we tried out was the Take & Toss by the first years. They are great cups but arnt the type if you are looking for perfectly matched cups and lids. The fact is that the cups and lids for these don't mach. So if your anal about the cups and lids being the same this isn't the brand for you. These cups served us well though. The girls loved them, they were able to suck enough liquid out, but unlike the tupperware ones they didn't drip all over the place. The bad thing was when the twins got there teeth and started gnawing on the sippy cups. They learned if they bit really hard on the sippy part the lid would pop off the cup covering them in whatever liquid was in the cup. They were pretty cheep and work great in the dishwasher. No staining from any liquids we have put in there and we even put in some dark juices. They also work great in a pinch for carrying around dry snacks for the kids. The cups are BPA Free and microwave and dishwasher safe. We have never used them in the microwave though.

The last type of cups we have used is the Playtex brand. I have used diffrent products from the Playtex family over the years and found them to be good quality.

The first type I bought for the kids was the playtex Insulator Straw cup. I got them at a good price at Zellers for Christmas gifts for the girls. I was looking for a to go cup that wouldn't spill and was easy for the girls to transition to big kid cups. I thought this would be good for them to get used to a straw. They are BPA free, they have a twist and click lid so you know that its locked in place. The bad part about this is the straw. it comes apart in two pieces and is very hard to clean and put back together. When we put it back together after getting washed once it started to leak on us and it also started to squealed to let in air after the girls were sucking hard on the straw. The girls LOVED this cup but i couldn't handle the mess.

The second cup i got was on the recommendation of the Playtex person when i called about the leaking and squealing cups. She suggested trying the Coolster spoutless cups. It looks like a coffee mug you get at starbucks! They are great and they have a sippy cup seal inside that is easy to clean and it makes it NON DRIP!. this one just screw on and i found it was the best of all the cups. It goes in the washer easily and its PBA FREE!

Out of all these cups Rebekah uses the Toss and Take for her prescription formula Neoate Splash, and Heather uses the Tupperware cup for her Soy milk (though when she spills she gets demoted to water), and for out and about we LOVE our Coolster spout ess mugs! The girls love to take them with them on daddy daughter day when they go to Starbucks for fruit while Daddy gets a coffee!

Out of all these cups I have to say my fave is the Playtex Coolster Spoutless cup! Its the one that is going to be going with any gifts we get for birthday parties the kids are invited to! And the best part is that they look like little adults with the coffee mugs!