Monday, July 19, 2010

Build A Bear!

Build a bear is a great place to take kids to get there first teddy bear or other animal. I went there with my twins when they were little. They got there first teddy bear (well in there case bunny and monkey) when they were about 8 months or so. They didn't get the full experience of it. But they love there first animal. We went again on there second birthday and they got another stuffed animal. This time a Chick and a Frog. They love those just as much as the first!

I love how they have the full experience. How they also have stuffed animals and the ones that are un stuffed. Though at age 2 the girls wanted the pre stuffed ones and didn't quite understand how the flat, not cushy ones would then become cushy. They were a little leery of the stuffing machine and hid behind daddy during that. But they loved to choose the heart for there new friend. They also loved squishing the animal and asking for more stuffing. The girls however were scared of the giant bath tub that shot air out of the shower heads to fluff up the bear so we skipped that part.

I loved how each animal comes with a bar code that goes in side so you can regestar it with them so if its lost and someone brings it in to build a bear they will send it back to you free of charge! I think this is great because if your child looses there favorite toy, its hard both on the child and you!

I was quite surprised at how reasonable the prices were for the clothes for the bears. We bought the girls this last winter both jackets for there animals that are 2010 Olympic and actual VANOC certified merchandise. I was very surprised at how reasonable they were. I believe i paid about $15 each for them. At the time jackets, shirts, and other items for kids were $35+.

The girls first stuffed animals have gotten a lot of wear, and every time we walk in the store to just even look when the girls have there animals the staff at the store are welcoming, and ask the girls if they want new bows for there animals. Its great! they are so friendly with the kids, and even us adults! Asking the pattens if its ok before offering to the kids. Giving the girls sticker sheets when we leave, and then offering one for the twin sister if she isn't there with us!

I have to say our trips in to build a bear have been nothing but a fantastic experience!

I have to say that build a bear is a great place to take your child for there birthday, or just for a fun treat! The only down side is that if you put them in the washer and dryer they can split open and then need to go in to get re stuffed and sewn up. BUT build a bear will do that for free and put in a new tag inside so that if lost your stuffed animal can make it home!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Reviews comming up!

I know I havent posted in awhile. But im working on some new reviews.

here is a look at what I will be reviewing.

Pampers Diapers
Fisher Price Diapers
Huggies little movers
Huggies Jeans diapers
Costco brand daipers
Superstore Teddys choice diapers
Pampers wipes
Huggies wipes
Costco brand wipes
Bum Genious Diapers
Happy Nappy cloth diaper service
Shelley's Bowtique Hair clips
My Pal Violet
Baby signing times DVD
Signing times DVD
Build a Bear

If you own a company, or have a product you would like me to review please send me an email at
I am a mom of 3 kids ages 2 and under (twins plus one) and my girls love to try new products!