Friday, June 26, 2009

the vomiting has started again.

Last night was rough becouse one of the twins dident want to sleep in the crib, so i brought her in to my bed. DH has been sleeping on the couch to give me space to toss and turn the last month and a bit... Boy i dont know how co sleeping mammas do it! my DD is a bed HOG!

so anyways i woke up when they had to go to daycare and i wasent feeling all that good when i ws packing there bag and stuff.... So i went back to bed once the kids and hubby were out the door.

I woke up shortly after 1pm and i got sick. What a way to start the day huh?
I have been drinking the sports drinks to keep up the fluids, but i keep throwing them up. It sucks. I feel so drained and I need to take a shower, but i cant get myself off the bed. Im just exhausted.

I took one of the Zofran OTD pills, and at the price im paying (over $25 for a pill) i hope it kicks in soon.... I really dont want to go back to L&D as im just sick of my veins getting blown.

I went in last tuesday and they blew 5 veins before they got an IV working. They had to use a pedatric IV needle to get me started. And to top it off, they used 3 before they got one actualy in.....

I called my OBGYN office on wed as they said they were going to call with an appt date to put in a PICC line (big long IV that goes in my upper arm and the cathater ends just near my heart!) as i hadent heard from them. I got a call on thursday from my OBGYN... was suprised that it was actualy her calling and not the nurse.... Well i got a call an hour later from the Day Surgery and they said they were sorry for not calling sooner. I guess my OBGYN bitched them out! LOL

SO i go for day surgery on Tuesday. They are going to put the PICC line in at 10:30 am.... Should be intersting. The nurse who explaned whats going to go on told me that the worst part is the frezing of the area becouse you dont have feelings in the vein but they dont want you to feel the needle going in.... Then after they are done i have to have a chest xray done to make sure its in the right spot..... Im actual looking forward to this as it means that i wont have to have anymore pokes to get IVs started and they can use this untill after the baby is born.....

well im going to try to take another nap now....

And on some good news! One of the twins started walking yesterday! She came home from daycare and was walking back and forth between me and my FIL who dropped her off at home! It was soo cool. I have some video of it as DH had to be at work till 10pm and I dident want him to miss it.

thanks you to everyone who is reading! Please leave me a comment, i really apprecate them.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

what i wold love for people to know is that i dont want to be sick. i never asked to be sick, and i dont want to be sick.
Im hungry. Im soooo hungry, and i want food, but food just wont stay down in me and it SUCKS....
and right now the words from people who are suposed to love me the most are the words who hurt me me the most.
I feel like im getting depressed, and i feel like im starting to get resentful of this pregnacy and it sucks.... becouse i dont want to be.

Monday, June 22, 2009


So i should finde out tomorrow when im getting a PICC put in place.
Basicly its a big IV that runs up the vein in my arm and ends right before my HEART! OMG its scaring me thinking about getting it. But last week it took about 3 hours and 6 sticks before they could get an IV in me.
The good thing about the PICC is that it would stay in till after the baby is born and that i wouldent have to get more IV sticks.
The OBGYN is wanting me to go in 2x a week for zofran and IV fluids. 2L each time i go.... The Zofran pills just arnt happening....

Crazy thing going on, as of last weeks IV trip at L&D i got hungry. First time this preg. I have thrown up a few meals since i had my last zofran but im having to get up in the middle of the night to eat. Hopefully i can gain a few LBS this preg. im now -3...... last OBGYN appt i was +4 lbs, so i lost 7LBS in less then 2 weeks. not good!

We also found out at the 3d ultrasound that we are having a girl. I ok with it. I was thinking this was a boy, but i guess my feelings are off....

Another sad thing that happend this week, we ended up getting some disposable diapers back from the daycare that we had there for emerg if they ran out of the cloth fitted... well i used them on Heather when she was super peeing at night, and i found out that the smell of them dosent set me off as much as the pure smell of urine in the Cloth diapers.... i have been using up the last of the pack of disposables and i havent vomited. We are still using cloth at daycare cuz DH can deal with those with washing at night... It just makes me sad becouse i miss my girls fluffy bums and we just cant afford the disposables...

tomorrow i have counceling, and i need to get the FIL to take me to the food bank. with all the money we are spending on meds for this pregnacy its amounting to just under $1000 a month, and we are going broke and cant afford food. It sucks, and i hate using the food bank, but its only till this next baby is born and the cost of my meds is no more....

I posted my blog for all my #clothdiaper followers to read. I realy would love to have more people read this blog and understand what Hyperemisis is like. Its not that well known and it really sucks when you tell someone you have super sever morning sickeness and they think they understand.... when they dont.....

for me, if i catch a wiff of something that dosent smell right to me, i will vomit untill im vomiting bile, and i can sit there and vomit for hours on end. It sucks becouse i have 14 month old twin girls to take care of... I have to stash packages of ziplock bags around the house becouse sometimes i cant get over the baby gate fast enough and i need to puke and i cant have the kids getting in to it.... I try to tell people its like having food posining for your whole pregnacy....

well im going to go play with scrablog for a bit, and then try to sleep. DH has been great and has been sleeping on the couch for a few weeks to let me get better sleep.....

oh and for prying minds, the social worker through the hosptal has set up the daycare to give me a break so i can get some rest becouse my hyperemisis is so bad they want to admit me, but DH works weird hours so its just not possable....

Saturday, June 13, 2009


so we went this morning and had the 3D ultasound done.

I have been looking forward to this for a few months now. I wasent sure how we would afford this, and i still dont know how we are going to fit it in our bills. BUT it was worth it. I needed the emotional boost really bad..... It was great to see the baby and to find out the gender (another little girl! YAY!) now we need to find a name.

She has big pouty lips and she gave us a yawn... The best thing she is a mix of both of us as far as we can tell. I cant wait to see her outside, YET i know its best that she stays in for 11 more weeks.

Today i had a good day. very little nausia, and im doing good. It just makes me wonder when the next day of vomiting is going to hit? I hate playing this waiting game. it just sucks. it really does.

Tomorrow we are going to go in to town and go see my litle cousin at a play at her church. They were over today as we had a BBQ for my mom's birthday.

im going to check my email and then jet to bed. thx for reading!

Mom to Twins Plus One

Friday, June 12, 2009


Well I thought i would start a blog.
Im currently 28 weeks along with Baby #3. I have twin girls who are 13 months. yes im counting months past the first year. Another thing i said i would never do....

I also have Hyperemisis. Think of it like food posining. You know, where you vomit non stop. so much so that your throwing up bile and foam and you feel like your going to pass out. Well, Hyperemisis is like that, except you have it EVERY DAY for your WHOLE pregnacy.

I had this with my twins. I was told there was a 60% chance i would get it with my next pregnacy. I wasent reddy to have another child and so i was on birth control. In the middle of november i started to get sick, and started to throw up. I was still on the pill, but my period the month before was very light. I knew i was prego when the throwing up lasted 3 days. It took a few weeks before the pregnacy test showed a postive.

Right now things are quite rough. Im throwing up more, and the doctors dont know what else the can do for me. Im on Zofran, its a very pricy anti nasuia medication that is usaly used for people who are going through chemo.... its safe in pregnacy though.

Im having to go in to L&D once a week to get IV for hydration. With the girls its not like i can just drop them somewhere and go to L&D every time i get sick, so i usualy wait till day two of not being able to hold down liquids....

Anyways, Hubby is getting tired and becouse im so uncomfy in this preg he is sleeping on the couch and wants to go to bed, so im going to let him and go to the bedroom. Im not new to blogging, but im usualy on a diffrent site. I thought i would use this one to write about my last 12 weeks with this horable illness.

One of the things i have to look forward to is that im getting my tubes tied when they do the c-section so i will never have to go through this again. I have a bit of sadness about this, but the hyperemisis has been so hard on me, physicly and mentaly (i have only gained 2lbs) and im a firm beliver that Abortion is NOT for me.... and i just dont think i could handle another pregnacy. The money we are spending on anti nausia medications is making us broke (about $200 every week for zofran and $300 a month for the other pills)

Thanks for reading. Im going to be posting my website to twitter account. so thank you for taking the time to read!

Mom to Twins Plus One