Friday, June 12, 2009


Well I thought i would start a blog.
Im currently 28 weeks along with Baby #3. I have twin girls who are 13 months. yes im counting months past the first year. Another thing i said i would never do....

I also have Hyperemisis. Think of it like food posining. You know, where you vomit non stop. so much so that your throwing up bile and foam and you feel like your going to pass out. Well, Hyperemisis is like that, except you have it EVERY DAY for your WHOLE pregnacy.

I had this with my twins. I was told there was a 60% chance i would get it with my next pregnacy. I wasent reddy to have another child and so i was on birth control. In the middle of november i started to get sick, and started to throw up. I was still on the pill, but my period the month before was very light. I knew i was prego when the throwing up lasted 3 days. It took a few weeks before the pregnacy test showed a postive.

Right now things are quite rough. Im throwing up more, and the doctors dont know what else the can do for me. Im on Zofran, its a very pricy anti nasuia medication that is usaly used for people who are going through chemo.... its safe in pregnacy though.

Im having to go in to L&D once a week to get IV for hydration. With the girls its not like i can just drop them somewhere and go to L&D every time i get sick, so i usualy wait till day two of not being able to hold down liquids....

Anyways, Hubby is getting tired and becouse im so uncomfy in this preg he is sleeping on the couch and wants to go to bed, so im going to let him and go to the bedroom. Im not new to blogging, but im usualy on a diffrent site. I thought i would use this one to write about my last 12 weeks with this horable illness.

One of the things i have to look forward to is that im getting my tubes tied when they do the c-section so i will never have to go through this again. I have a bit of sadness about this, but the hyperemisis has been so hard on me, physicly and mentaly (i have only gained 2lbs) and im a firm beliver that Abortion is NOT for me.... and i just dont think i could handle another pregnacy. The money we are spending on anti nausia medications is making us broke (about $200 every week for zofran and $300 a month for the other pills)

Thanks for reading. Im going to be posting my website to twitter account. so thank you for taking the time to read!

Mom to Twins Plus One

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