Wednesday, July 1, 2009


so the PICC was put in on tuesday. it wasent as bad as i thought but i bled quite a bit and it made me almost pass out....

they went and changed the bandage today on it, and after we were done with that DH and i went to the canada day celebrations near the airport.... We just paid amission in and then went to finde the bathroom (baby on the bladder!) and i pointed to DH were we were to go and he freeked out... turns out i was bleeding from the bandage site and was bleeding down my arm and i dident notice... SOOO i went to the bathroom, cleaned up, and then we had to go right back to the hosptal. NOT FUN.... i wanted to get my girls there first cotton candy and i noticed they had pony rides by donation!
We dident get to do any of that!

on the way back from the hosptal i wanted to get some fresh peas to eat, and i did, and 2 hours after i ate them i got sick and threw them up..... then today at dinner i had half a hotdog (no bun just the dog) and a few pices of watermellon, and guess what! About 2 hours later i threw those up!

It just sucks!

i also noticed we have nothing for this baby in newborn or 0-3..... i have no clue how we are going to get clothes for this kid..... im just so depressed.

I think a lot of the depression is comming from the fact that i cant do anything. i cant even lift my kids anymore becouse of the weight restriction (no lifting over 10lbs)......
I just want to be able to eat, i want to be able to do things, and i want to be able to have sex without getting sick!

It just sucks....

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