Sunday, July 5, 2009

i was admited to the hosptal on thursday night. i started to be able to hold down some food with the IV fluilds running through my PICC line. Today i feel like crap. I puked this morning and i just feel down.

The depression that has come with puking so much has got to me. I have seen shrink since i have been here and it helped a bit. But since he is just doing a consoult he cant prescribe me anything as he cant follow me once i leave. the greatg catch 22 thing.

other then that. im here, the baby is doing great. She is still nameless. Its another girl! Boy is DH is in for a treet when puberty hits. 3 young women in the house! I doubt we will ever see the bathroom again once they hit the age of 10!

emotionaly im quite down. Im sad, im depressed, and im just reddy to be done.

im just about 32 weeks now. a little over 5 more weeks till its safe to deliver.

please sugest names for this baby. DH and I cant agrree on anything.

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  1. Hey, I just wanted to stop by and say hi. I had a little morning sickness with my first baby, and I thought that was bad. I'm blown away by your story! I obviously don't have a clue what it means to be going through this so I have no words of wisdom, but I feel for you very much. It's awful to be struggling to take care of your other kids when you are pregnant.

    As for names, if we ever had a girl, I always wanted to us Ana (hence my blog-name, hehe) or Gabriella. Good luck figuring that out! Our youngest almost didn't have a name the day he was born because we couldn't decide.