Friday, March 11, 2011


Last night before i went to bed, like i do every night. I checked my twitter. I saw a few tweets and responded. Then i saw something about Japan. Then i saw the #Japan tag. Then i saw #PrayForJapan. so i started to view them. Then #Japan became a trending topic. I found out that there was a massive earth quake in Japan last night. I couldn't go to sleep with everything i was seeing. The pictures of the devastation was horrible.
I was very worried for people who had friends and family out that way.

Then i saw the tsunami coming through Japan. Then the whirl pools. It was quite sad to watch. I even woke my husband up to watch video of it on my iPhone.

I also found out that since we are on the west coast there is a chance of a tsunami out our way, That was a shocker. It also worried me as my husband works at an airport that is right on the water. The only thing between him and the pacific ocean is a dyke. I found out that it wouldn't hit us as we were protected by the Vancouver Island. But then what about the people on Vancouver Island? How would they fair? The watch for it was even going up the coast of Canada where I have an aunt and uncle.

Finally around 1am ish i went to bed. Not before declaring that March 11 have no #FF but be #PrayForJapan instead. It was RT by a few of my friends list.

Today I have prayed for Japan a few times. I'm thinking about them, and hugging my kids and family tighter as i pray.

There are a few things you can do for the people of Japan. You can donate to your local Red Cross. Even those extra pennies in your wallet, or your change jar, or even instead of getting your morning Starbucks (don't tell me that you don't get one!) or timmies you could donate to the Red cross. Right now they can help better then any other agency can.

this is where you can do a one time or monthly donation to the red cross in Canada.
this is the link for the American Red cross and you can even choose where you funds go.

If you want to donate to Red Cross quake relief, you can do so through your cell phone. Text redcross to 90999 to make a $10 donation. It will be on your next cell bill, for USA only.

if you are on twitter please think about posting a twibbon for Japan.

Please hug your family and call your parents and siblings tonight. Let them know that you love them. Because you never know when something like this is going to happen your part of town.

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