Monday, March 21, 2011

Boogie Wipes to the rescue and GIVE AWAY!

This last weekend I went on a vacation without the kids. My Husband took me down to Seattle for the weekend for a late birthday gift. When I was packing our over night bag I made sure to toss in a package of boogie wipes. Even without the kids I thought it would be nice to toss in and I would find some use for it out there.

We got to the outlet store and started shopping. We picked up a quick bite to eat and got some sauce on my hands. I couldn't get it all off with the tissue that they gave us. So I pulled out the boogie wipes and gave my hands a good wipe and they were nice and clean. We then went on our way shopping.

Later that day we ended up stopping at the crab pot. OMG I have heard so many good things about it. It was even on Man VS Food. I looked at there website before we left and I was hungry just looking at it. We ended up there and had a almost hour long wait to get in. But the food was worth it. For some reason only my husband got the wipe for his hands, or maybe he took mine. So once again i pulled out a boogie wipe. I also wiped my face with it to make sure I wasn't sticky there for when my husband would lean in and give me a kiss!

We ended up going to our hotel room, and got in to a really nice suite. They upgraded us to a room with a Japanese soaking tub. It was fantastic. We had so much fun and slept fantastic on the king size bed. Though for some reason I ended up at the edge like at home. Looked like the husband was hogging the bet yet again!

Well that night I didn't take off my makeup and when I woke up I looked like a mess! So boogie wipes to the rescue again! I took out a wipe and gave my face a nice wash. I break out so bad when I use different soaps on my face. I cant even use some cleansers on my face. So after I was done with my boogie wipes my face was clean and fresh. After breakfast we went back to the hotel to get ready for the day and I was able to use boogie wipes again. This time for my nose!

We spent the rest of the day around town, we were running around and looking at all sorts of things. I was starting to feel kinds sweaty so I used a boogie wipe to freshen up. Wiping down the back of my neck and chest. It was great and I felt refreshed.

I love how I can use boogie wipes for things other then noses and boogies. They are fantastic for messy faces and hands, getting rid of sticky food that your kids have eaten, washing your face, a quick refresh, and they are lightly scented and wont dry you out like wipes for bums! Plus when I get a cold I personally like to use them myself.

Now here is where it gets fun!

We are doing our first ever GIVE AWAY!!!!!

we are going to give away 10 packages of boogie wipes! These are the travel ones that have one single boogie wipe and are fantastic for on the go. To slip in to a purse or pocket. To leave one or two in the glove box of the car.

This give away is running till 12 noon PST on March 25. It is open to people in Canada AND the USA!

Now you can earn your name in the draw for it in a few different ways!

1 entry for posting to this blog entry and tell me your fave scent of boogie wipe

1 entry for following me on twitter as Twins_plus_one and commenting on this blog posting

1 entry for following my blog and telling me that you are following me

1 entry for Tweeting the BoogieMom and telling them "@Twins_plus_one is doing a boogie wipe give away and can't wait to win BOOGIE WIPES!"

Have fun and Enjoy Boogie Wipes!


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