Monday, February 28, 2011

London Drugs Not Price Matching for Mothers.

Huggies Diapers from London drugs, Shoppers, and Zellers. They look all the same. They are all a Mega Pack.
I saw a great deal in the Zellers flyer last week. It was Huggies Mega Packs for $8.99. I was not able to make it out at the beginning of the flyer and knew they would fly off the shelves. So when I finally was able to (the last day of the flyer) I wet to London drugs to buy some and get them to price match it.

Everything about my trip was fine till I went to the cash and they called down a manager to price match. I was told that it was not the same diapers as in the flyer and was proceeded to be called stupid when i told him that a mega pack is a mega pack is a mega pack. And the ones that I was showing him were the same as in the picture but the next size up (picture showed a 4 i was wanting to buy a 5) i was told that i was stupid and that's not the case and to either take it or leave it.

I walked out of the store without the diapers. I went to shoppers where i had a Gift card and bought the mega pack of snug and dry. On the way home in the car with my kids i cried as i was tweeting the london drugs twitter account. My husband was upset that we went out of our way to get a good deal and they wouldn't do it.

Surprisingly i got a tweet back that night and was in contact with the london drugs twitter rep around 9pm. I was told that they would contact me in the morning and i would have someone call me.
I was contacted the next morning and spoke with Babi. She said she would have to check to see if they had the same UPC code. I got a call back shortly after that she talked to zellers and that there UPC code and the one they use are different. I was shocked and upset and there was no word if i would get an apology or not.

Later on I contacted Huggies using the 188 phone number on the back of a package. I spoke with a nice lady on the phone who told me that a Mega pack is the same as long as you are talking about snug and dry. If you talk about little movers there mega packs are the same but different upc codes if you compare mega pack of snug and dry to little snugglers. I completely understand that as its like trying to say that Apple's and oranges are both the exact same type of fruit and make the same juice.... She then put me through to a supervisor who told me the same thing. Then the supervisor got another supervisor on the phone who told me no matter what store you go to in Canada and the USA as long as you have the same size package, and the same brand they will be the same.

After being in contact with the twitter rep again from london drugs and getting quite upset they said they they wanted to resolve this. for resolving this i wanted an apology and to get my diapers price matched. I was given nothing but we will have a rep contact you. I told them sure to have a rep contact me on Friday. I had no rep or anyone from london drugs talk to me on Friday afternoon or evening.

This morning i tweeted again that i was upset that i hadn't bee contacted and that i would like this resolved with an apology and my diapers price matched. After speekign with a few mom friends, i had 1 in aldergrove, 2 in Langley, and 1 who im not sure where tell me that this london drugs in Langley does not price match diapers no matter how many flyers they have come in with and that this one is the on that they have had the most issues with.

Babi (not sure if i spelled it right) from the london drugs head office called me. they said they will not be able to price match as they are different UPC codes then the ones that they have. Even after speaking with her and telling her that i went to zellers, london drugs, and to shoppers and they all have the same UPC code. She did not believe me. She said she called and got a different UPC code from a person she spoke to at Zellers.

Now can you tell what one of these diapers is from zellers? What about Shoppers? Or London Drugs?

I received a phone call from Steve Freeman - Langley. as of 9am February 28th he told me on the phone that they are not the same diapers, that they have contacted zellers and they are not the same diapers. that they will contact there Huggies rep and find out. But as of 9am they are still adamant that it is not the same diapers. He says he never said what i am accusing him of saying. And that they are not the same diapers that they carry. He also told me that he want to end this right here and now and if 2 packages of diapers will fix it then he will give me 2 packs at $8.99 each and then went on about how they have diapers at 2 for some price that is way more then that. I had to let him go as my youngest was waking up from a nap and needed me.

He still admits that he said nothing wrong, and that there diapers are different.

I'm just upset about the way London Drugs has treated this. Finding out that other moms are having issues getting diapers and other items price matched when they are the same thing. This is NOT FAIR.

Babi who i spoke with on the phone also told me that they have to call to confirm that the item is the same at another store. But it doesn't say that in there price match guarantee on there website.

on there website they say
We offer what you need at a price that’s right. If you find the same merchandise advertised in print at a lower price, we’ll match that price. Even if you find that lower advertised price after you buy, we’ll step up and match that price for 30 days.* This does not apply to online pricing and this guarantee can not be extended to items purchased through our online store. Please see our STORE LOCATOR for a location nearest you.

*Excluding Prescriptions, 1-Hour Photofinishing and internet pricing.

I understand the excluding prescriptions and photo finishing and Internet pricing. But So far they ant stepping up and price matching at all. It Looks like the Langley Store is trying to get out of price matching for people.

Now i just got off the phone with a lovely lady from Zellers in coquitlam with a thick accent that gave me the barode number 036000523676 and that matches with all the diapers that I have. Im wondering who these people from London drugs have spoken to to find out that they somehow get "special" diapers that are different then other stores.

All in all im pretty upset them myself and 4 other moms that i PERSONA LY know have been denied price matching.

I would love to know how many other moms are having issues with diapers being price matched!


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  2. For the record we did contact you via Twitter as soon as the incident was posted and we offered to put you in touch with one of our Customer Service Reps. We then had that Customer Service Rep contact you on 3 separate occasions and we've also had the Store Manager contact you as well to try and resolve this.

    Twitter isn't a forum for solving Customer Service issues. It's difficult at best to have a conversation and communicate efficiently in 140 characters. This is why we put a CSR in touch with you.

    In an attempt to resolve this issue we have given you the price match on these items even though we have identified them not to be exact matching items.

    We did hope this would be an example to you of how much we do value our customers.

    London Drugs