Friday, March 19, 2010

A What Teether?

With having 3 kids under 2 we have had our share of teething. And with 3 kids under 2 we have a few allergies so some of the over the counter and tried and true methods of teething remedies were out of the question..... So one day a mom at play group had this weird paci like thing. She told me it was a Raz-Berry Teether. It made me think if it might work.

Its quite interesting to look at. It looks like a raspberry on the end of a soother but its all soft, and the part that goes in your child's mouth is squishy but its made of silicon. It looked like it might work for our twins. So i went on the search for them.

At the time our twins were teething the local stores in our town didn't carry very many baby items like this. So I set out to one of my fave baby stores a few towns over called Its a baby's world. They are almost like a costco of baby stores. They have everything and anything you can be looking for. I called ahead as taking a trip with 2 infants was hard, but they had it, and so off we went.

When i brought it home and gave it to the twins, they both took to it differently. Rebekah liked to chew on the handle (its an all silicon so safe to chew on any part of it) and on the "leafs" on it. Where as Heather loved to suck and chew on only the tip of it. Heather has a smaller jaw and had a hard time putting the whole thing in her mouth.....

Now that Thea is here, and she is teething quite bad she is enjoying using it as well. She will chew on it during our bus rides to Grandmas and in the car and at baby group. It has been quite a life saver when other methods of calming teething pain don't work.

Both Rebekah and Heather have picked up the razberry teether off and on in the last few months. Heather more so because of her having 4 canines come in at the same time. It has helped her with her teething pain and not chewing on our bord books.

For this this teether by RazBaby has lasted us through 3 kids, and comes in 2 great basic colours, red and blue. They also came out with a crystal line as well that is pink and blue. I do however like the clasic colours as they looks like a razberry and a "blueberry" as my hubby would say.

I give these teether a rating of a necessity for any parent who has an infant who will be teething. If you are intersted in learning more about the RazBerry Teether please have a look at RazBaby

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